5 key reasons why dental implants can transform your life



There are many tooth restoration treatment options that restore your confidence to smile brightly, improve quality of life and improve your appearance. Dental Implants, however, has generally been touted as the most effective dental treatment to restore that natural beauty. It’s been proven that constant smiles improve overall happiness within us. Not only do dental implants replace teeth through natural wear, but it also provides a good structure to the face, jaw and surrounding mouth area, enabling you to smile with the notion that implants are just like your natural teeth but stronger.

Notably, the key reason for dental implant treatment is it delivers long-lasting results. There are many other kinds of treatment such as veneers, crowns, dentures, and bridges that are just as good, but there are more benefits with Dental Implants.

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Here Are 5 Key Reasons Why:

  1. Positive and Improved Oral Health – Not only are dental implants aesthetically pleasing to look at, but the procedure of implants is also beneficial to you jaw structure, bone growth, and speech impediment, along with decreasing the loss of bone mass and gum tissue. Compared to dentures which are removable, especially when you eat and drink, dental implants are strong and sturdy for the long-term. You can re-adopt your favorite diet, eat and drink what you like, and they just need looking after like they’re your natural teeth.
  2. It Improves Self Esteem – There is no danger of implants falling out. They are fitted into your jawbone and are kept in your mouth during any activity such as eating, drinking and speaking. Dentures and Bridges can cause trouble with speaking, but not with implants. When there are no dangers, you don’t worry about having any difficulty. It will increase your confidence and self-esteem immensely.
  3. Treat Implants Like They Are Normal Teeth – There is nothing better than the feeling of naturally healthy teeth. One implant doesn’t affect any of your natural teeth at all. Fitting bridges, for example, require grinding down the enamel which weakens the strength of your teeth. Above all of this, implants cannot be noticed. The only thing that will be admired is your confident smile.
  4. Keeping Them Clean Is Easy – Continue to brush and floss twice a day just as you would with your normal teeth. Because the implant is infused into your jawbone, the surrounding mouth structure is kept strong, meaning you don’t need to restrict your diet.
  5. Keep A Youthful Appearance – There are next to no side effects with dental implants. If you have missing teeth, your jawbone begins to weaken and your mouth change shape, developing wrinkles on your skin, making you look older. Infusing an implant in your jawbone improves its strength to firmly hold the tooth in its place and improves bone structure.
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The Bottom Line

Empty spaces in your mouth leads to major oral health issues. The thought of dental implants may be daunting, but it will be the best decision you make. The treatment is smooth and comfortable under local anaesthetic. Its long-term results will be worth the cost as the results are better than you would expect. Let your confidence shine through and enjoy the benefits and comfort that you’ll find with dental implants.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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