Can A Dental Abscess Become Dangerous?

dental abscess dangers

First of all, what is a dental abscess? It is formed when collected soft pus builds up in and around the teeth and gums, likely due to a bacterial infection that is accumulated within the pulp of the tooth. Harmful bacteria forms from dental plaque that originates from poor oral hygiene and foods. Plaque sticks to the teeth and can combine with sugars and bacteria to damage your enamel. If plaque isn’t removed in time or you do not brush and floss your teeth properly, the bacteria and plaque will spread, damaging the soft tissue of the tooth and gums, weakening the enamel, and resulting in a dental abscess and emergency treatment.

These types of infections do not go away on their own, and can spread to the human body should they not be treated.

No matter how big or small the pain you experience is in the mouth, it can get to a point where daily activity becomes impossible because the pain may be severe.

dental abscess

The Potential Dangers Of A Dental Abscess

When experiencing any kind of tooth decay, it should not be left untreated so you can avoid the below dangers.

  • Losing A Tooth – When the dental abscess stretches down to the tooth root, it becomes decayed and severely damaged. The tooth becomes weak and continues to spread the infection. This will mean the tooth needs to be extracted. It will be necessary to preserve the health of your other teeth and gums. Read here to learn more about the signs of an infected tooth.
  • Bone Infection – Bone becomes weak when it is infected and this means that the bone will struggle to keep your teeth strong. In the event of weak bone, bone grafting will be necessary so that your teeth remain strong and remain in position. This can also stop the infection from spreading.
  • Infection Spreading To The Other Facial Areas – The infection passes through the blood vessels and spread to other areas of the face such as your jaw and neck. There is also a danger of developing sepsis, which is a life-threatening condition.

How Harmful Bacteria Forms In The Mouth

It is important to understand how bacteria form so you can take the required steps to prevent the dangers of a dental abscess from forming. Here are some of its causes.

  • A Poor Oral Routine – A positive oral hygiene routine is essential for everyday life. Ensuring that you brush your teeth twice a day and regularly floss are two basic steps in your routine. Without looking after your teeth, the dangers can be too severe to think about.
  • A Fad Diet Comprising Of Sugars– Your enamel requires calcium and phosphate to protect your teeth and gums. Therefore, if you eat foods comprising of high sugars, this will contribute to dental cavities and dental abscesses.
  • Dry Mouth – Having a dry mouth increases the chances of tooth decay. Whilst dry mouth can be caused by certain health conditions, dryness can cause infection, swelling, and bad breath.

dental abscess signs

What Should I Do?

If you experience any kind of sensitivity, the first thing you need to do is book an appointment with the dentist to avoid the further risk of experiencing the dangers of a dental abscess. You want to ensure that you don’t experience the pain becoming worse as the dangers can become very serious.

If you’re experiencing sensitivity in the mouth, avoid it becoming worse, and contact us at Ashfield Family Dental now so we can accommodate you as a dental emergency.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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