Common problems with fitted dentures

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Whilst dentures do not change in structure, your face will. It is natural for your facial structure to change through ageing. However, it can still be confusing for patients to understand why dentures don’t fit properly in the mouth. As a denture patient, you should expect dentures to become loose from time to time. It can be difficult and frustrating to manage because it affects the way your mouth functions to do natural things such as eat and talk.

Dentures when loose can cause infection leading to degrading oral health. If you’re a denture patient and are unsure why dentures become loose in your mouth, here’s why.

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The Five Reasons

  • Your Denture May Be Broken – The tooth will not reattach itself to the denture if it’s broken. The fit won’t be the same and this may lead to further dental problems if the denture is forcefully pushed back into its expected position. The dentist should be consulted immediately for treatment or advice.
  • Your Denture Affects Speech and Chewing – When dentures become uncomfortable or loose, it can be difficult to speak and chew normally. This causes irritation and sensitivity in the mouth. You may even experience facial and jaw sickness which may lead to other oral concerns. As soon as you experience this feeling, consult the dentist.
  • Your Denture Has Cracked – A denture cracks due to pressure placed on it. Whilst this may not affect how your denture functions, it can become irritating to your smile as cracks can be light or deep. Regardless, it will reduce your self-esteem. Your denture would need to be adjusted or replaced.
  • The Denture Fitting Is Awkward – When your facial structure changes, the denture fitting will not adapt or adjust either. Your facial structure changes with age, and dentures may become too tight. This leads to some sensitivity in the area.
  • Oral Pain When Chewing And Biting – You may experience oral pain when biting down on foods. This leads to jaw muscles becoming uncomfortable and stiff over the next few days. When loose, they should be adjusted immediately.
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Before dentures become loose, the dentist should be consulted as soon as possible. Dentures can last for years if looked after with good oral hygiene and care, particularly when eating and talking.

Are you experiencing problems with your fitted Dentures? Contact us at Ashfield Dental and let our helpful and knowledgeable team restore confidence in your smile with dentures.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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