Does your child need emergency dental care?

Child Visiting Dentist near Ashfield

Dental accidents can happen anywhere, even to your child. Your child may fall and hurt themselves outside causing their teeth to fall out. Knowing how to manage basic dental emergencies for your child is important, especially so that it doesn’t affect the healthy growth of their teeth as they get older.

Looking after your child’s teeth is like caring for adult teeth. Immediate action is necessary to save the tooth early and avoid further complications as your child’s teeth grow.

Here, we have picked out a handful of common dental emergencies and how you as the parent need to overcome them. Of course, a dentist is always at hand, but you must be prepared in case you cannot reach the dentist.

Child Visiting Dentist near Ashfield


  1. If Your Child Cracks A Tooth – If your child has cracked a tooth, the tooth may be in danger of becoming diseased. Usually, a temporary filling will be required which will limit any disease forming. You should immediately rinse the mouth with warm water to clean the area and reduce the pain.
  2. If Your Child’s Tooth Has Become Loose – When your child’s tooth is knocked out, the first thing you must do is keep the tooth in place to avoid further damage to your gums, especially if your child bites down in the gap which is dangerous.
  3. If A Tooth Has Been Completely Knocked Out – A broken tooth increases the chances of bacteria and disease. If necessary before the appointment, keep the tooth in a container at room temperature before your appointment.
  4. If Your Child Has Bitten His Tongue or Lip – An immediate bite may cause blood to develop. You should gently clean the area with cold water or apply a cold compress next to the affected area. An ice pack compress is recommended. You may also mix salt into your water and then rinse and spit it out of your mouth. Apply this straightaway to avoid infection.
  5. If Your Child Is Suffering from Toothache – Toothache is an incessant throbbing pain which is irritating. Your child may have sensitive vessels, or your tooth has decayed or eroded. Relieve the pain with salt and warm water rinse or apply a cold compress. These should be considered as temporary pain relief options before visiting your dentist.
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Any trauma of your teeth will require immediate attention, but the first thing you need to do is relieve your child from pain. It is recommended that the tips above are followed whatever the incident and are applied even on the way to the dentist to keep your child’s pain down. The dentist will be in the best position to determine the next course of action.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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