Heal your pain from tooth extraction treatment with these five steps

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Immediately after tooth extraction treatment, the pain can sometimes be unbearable. Dentists only administer extraction treatment if it is absolutely necessary. Once treatment is complete, you need to be aware of the appropriate healing measures, so the blood clot stays in its place.

The recovery time can differ from patient to patient. However, you want to ensure your healing process is healthy. There is no quick fix to your pain and certain health conditions may lead to healing becoming slower than usual. Carrying out recommended healing instructions from your dentist is essential for positive long-term oral health.

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Follow these five tips to ensure the healing process is as healthy and smooth as possible:

  • Let The Blood Clot Form – Tooth extraction treatment will lead to some bleeding. The dentist will provide you with a soft gauze pad to bite down on to form the blood clot in the tooth socket. This will help control the bleeding and to make it eventually stop. The blood clot needs time to form. Therefore, avoid eating hard solids and eat on one side to keep the healing area clean.
  • Reduce The Swelling – Swelling is also expected as part of the healing process. Place an ice pack or a frozen food pack inside a thin towel and apply it to your cheek for 10 minutes at a time. Repeat this for a cycle of 1 to 2 hours at a time.
  • Take Adequate Rest – Physical rest is essential to the healing process. Avoid doing any physical chores, exercise or other activity that requires a large amount of effort. When lying down to sleep, position yourself where your head is elevated slightly.
  • Develop A Soft Food Diet – Temporarily change your food diet and eat soft foods. Eating solids only slows down the healing process and can open the blood clot at any time. Also, avoid consuming alcohol or smoking products. This would lead to further treatment to stop the bleeding, meaning longer healing time. Avoid eating on the healing side for at least 48 hours. When pain resides, slowly resume eating your favourite foods.
  • Keep The Healing Site Clean – Regularly wash your mouth with lukewarm water, especially after dinner. You need to keep the extracted area clean from debris. Otherwise, the blood clot can become dislodged. Ideally, rinse your mouth four times a day. Also, consider adding a teaspoon of salt if recommended by the dentist.

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Tooth Extraction is common for many patients who suffer from severely decayed or damaged teeth. Taking care of your mouth presents an opportunity for smoother and faster healing. Your body contracts to manage pain. Treat your extraction gently and act upon dentist advice. If the bleeding hasn’t stopped or pain still persists after 4 or 5 days, consult your dentist for support.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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