Restorative oral health – what to expect from a general dentist?

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General Dentistry has evolved over the years. In the past, there was a time when a general dentist comprised of simply checking your teeth and performing basic restorative treatments if required. Now, a general dentist does much more. A general dentist no longer focuses on caring for just gums and teeth. There are other areas and treatments that a general dentist has had to learn as part of their craft.

The role of a general dentist should be understood so you know what to expect at your upcoming appointment.

People often visit a general dentist for any dental and oral health concerns. They are best placed to understand the concern before recommending treatment and treatment plans to keep teeth healthy for longer.

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When you visit a general dentist, expect them to do several things:

  • Perform A Medical Examination – The first thing the general dentist will do at the start of the appointment is to perform a medical examination to determine the state of your teeth. This is typically completed using X-Rays and cancer screening tests. The purpose of this is for the dentist to spot any abnormalities that may have developed on the teeth and gums.
  • Perform Minor And Major Procedures – Depending on the kind of dental concern, the dentist would perform minor and major procedures. These are broken down further as:
  • Minor Treatments
    – Fillings
    – Root Fillings
    – Check Up And Clean
  • Major Treatments
    – Dental Mouthguards
    – Dentures
    – Root Canal Therapy
    – Dental Crowns
  • Cleaning – A general dentist is expected to perform a thorough clean of teeth and gums. This is to avoid the build-up of bacteria as it can lead to a serious infection and decay. As part of the service, the general dentist may provide fluoride toothpaste to help keep teeth clean and healthy.
  • Referring Patients To Specialists – Sometimes a general dentist will refer patients to a dental specialist if the patient requires more dental care than a general dentist can provide. Referring to dental specialists is necessary where specialists are more experienced.
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by Dr Johnson Tang

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