Stop Bad Breath With Tongue Scraping


Nobody likes to have bad breath and no matter how you try to reduce the bad odour in your mouth, sometimes it just doesn’t seem possible to get rid of it.

A build-up of debris, dead cells and bacteria settle on your tongue and this is where the bad odour mainly originates from.

If you’re one that suffers from regularly bad breath, consider incorporating tongue scraping as part of your oral routine. Tongue scraping is the process of cleaning your tongue with a special device. You will have brushed your tongue to clear the bacteria with a toothbrush, but a tongue scraper is much more effective.

Tongue scraping is easy to perform. You can perform tongue scraping in the following ways:

  • Opening your mouth wide and placing the tongue scraping device at the back of the tongue and gradually bring it forward, cleaning the bacteria off the tongue in the process.
  • Rinse the scraper and your mouth with warm water.
  • Washing the tongue scraper with soap and warm water.
  • Store it in a dry space to use again the next day,

Repeat the process of tongue scraping daily to keep bad odour away from your mouth.

The procedure is simple, low risk and painless. Although ensure you gently scrape the tongue and not with excessive force as this can cause bleeding.


Benefits of Tongue Scraping

If you’re tongue scraping daily, you will have experienced the following benefits:

  • Removes Bacteria – As mentioned before, the purpose of tongue scraping is to reduce the number of bacteria that lands on your tongue. The more bad bacteria that forms in your mouth, the more likely you’ll experience cavities.
  • Improves Sense of Taste – Research found that when you scrap your tongue, you will enjoy a better sense of taste when you eat your favourite foods.
  • Fresh Breath – If you’re seeking food remedies that will reduce bad breath, tongue scraping will do exactly what you need. When the bacteria are removed, you can enjoy the freshness in your breath for longer.
  • Decreases Plaque – Harmful bacteria can lead to a sticky substance called plaque forming on your teeth. This is the first stage of tooth decay. You can avoid this from occurring by reducing the bacteria off your tongue plus a strong oral routine.


The causes of your bad breath can also be identified at a dental check-up. If you’re suffering from bad breath at this minute, your tongue is where it is likely to originate from. You may even consider using the tongue scraper after a meal. Ensure that it is used softly on your tongue and scrape your tongue downwards from the back to the front. You can contact your dentist further if you want more information on tongue scraping and how it can benefit you.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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