The myths and misconceptions of root canal treatment

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When you hear the words root canal, what do you automatically think about? That it is painful? Needless? Expensive? Causes illness and other forms of treatment are better for decayed teeth? Many people have been misled by root canal treatment. A stigma has formed over the years that the root canal procedure is dangerous and unsafe, with the possibility of developing further problems with your health in there. The truth is, there is no scientific evidence to suggest that root canal treatment is one of the more avoidable forms of treatment.

These myths were formed way back in the 1920s. Today they have been circulated all over the internet. The origination of the research was formed by Weston Price. Price was a dentist that came up with these myths based on some poor testing. He believed that root canal treatment contains harmful toxins and causes illnesses such as cancer, arthritis and heart disease.

This guide explains that these myths are just that, myths. They’re untrue and unfounded information. Root canal treatment works totally the opposite to what you may believe. Here is how root canal treatment actually works.

What are Some of the Signs of Needing a Root Canal?

What Forms A Root Canal?

A root canal is formed in the mouth to save as much of the natural tooth as possible. The infected tooth is not removed entirely. The endodontists drill in the center of the tooth root to clean and fill the canal. The root pulp contains blood vessels, connective tissue and nerve endings, which can be infected once a crack forms in the teeth.

This needs to be treated as soon as the whole develops, and the root canal is the most common form of treatment for it. Tooth extraction is also possible, but only in circumstances where the full tooth is too damaged to be repaired.

The Truth About Root Canal Treatment

The negative myths surrounding root canal treatment have proven incorrect because no patient has ever experienced them. Below are four points of root canal treatment that are in fact true to this day.

  • Root Canal Treatment Does Not Cause Pain – The purpose of the root canal is to limit your pain. Anaesthetic is the first thing administered before treatment. The stigma is supported by those who have never experienced a root canal or have been poorly led by other articles.
  • Root Canal Treatment Does Not Make You Ill – The unreliable sources over the internet read about root canal causing illness is wrong. Root canal has a high success rate, restores naturality and ensures your mouth can function appropriately as it would with natural teeth.
  • Tooth Extraction Is Not The First Treatment Choice – If your tooth is decayed severely, the endodontist will always ensure there is enough health in the tooth for it to be saved. The tooth is only removed and replaced with say an implant or a denture if the full tooth is severely damaged. This is considered a last resort option.
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Are you a root canal patient? Read here for advice on aftercare tips.

Don’t be put off by what you read on the internet. If you’re wondering whether root canal treatment is the correct treatment choice for your decayed tooth, Ashfield Dental rest assures that the procedure will only be beneficial to your oral health.

Ashfield Dental is ready to remove your pain and restore that missing confidence in your smile. Contact us now if you wish to book an appointment, or simply require more information.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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