Why Is Calcium So Important?


You may have heard from your dentist that eating food that contains calcium helps to keep your teeth and gums strong. But should you change your diet to just calcium-based?

You’re not exactly required to only consume foods that cater to strong and clean teeth. It can be difficult to give your favourite foods, but continuing or adopting a balanced diet containing the right minerals for your enamel is only a good thing for your smile.

Calcium also plays a vital role in later life. This is because our facial structure is expected to degrade, bone strength will weaken and teeth are more likely to degrade naturally. It is recommended that for children, consuming about 200 milligrams is enough. For adults, consuming about 1000 milligrams minimum of calcium in your daily diet is recommended.

Here are some of the other important reasons as to why consuming a diet containing calcium is so important for your oral health:

Tooth extraction treatment

Reduces Tooth Loss

Did you know that calcium is an essential mineral for your teeth and gums? Consuming calcium helps to reduce the chances of your tooth (or teeth) going through decay. If decayed severely, this may ultimately lead to tooth loss because the dentist will identify that the tooth is damaged beyond repair. This would mean tooth extraction treatment is needed.

Strong Smile

The enamel needs calcium minerals to keep your teeth away from discolouration. The enamel is comprised of the mineral known as calcium phosphate, which helps to keep your teeth strong. Ultimately, this outputs a strong smile that you can show off in public. What are the signs of a healthy smile? Find out here.

Avoids Calcium Deficiency

Calcium deficiency is the process of your body not having enough calcium. If your body doesn’t contain enough of it, it will take any traces of calcium away from your teeth. This can lead to weak bones and teeth. Do not overdose on calcium, but ensure you’re consuming enough of calcium daily as needed.

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Long-Term Oral Health

One of the key takeaways from consuming calcium is the fact that the more you consume, the better your oral health as you get older. It is natural for your facial structure to degrade, including weaker bone density and gums, however, the more calcium you consume, the slower it will be for this to happen. This means preserving your oral health for longer.

Calcium is an important property for your teeth and bones. As part of a balanced diet, reduce your sugar content and replace it with calcium-rich foods and your smile will shine for longer. Reduce food and drink consumption that stains your teeth as well, such as coffee.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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