Why should you consider getting dentures?

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Before dental technology evolved, dentures were the go-to treatment to develop that aesthetically pleasing look. Dentures were also popular for replacing lost or missing teeth and today, they continue to be popular.

In most cases, dentures are used if multiple teeth are damaged or are missing. Depending on how healthy your teeth are, the dentist may recommend upper and lower dentures to save your smile. Even if you’re proficient in looking after your teeth, dentures may become inevitable. It is important to understand the causes that help you decide to have fitted dentures and in this article we explore additional benefits and things to consider here

Your local dentist can usually identify whether they’re concerns about your teeth and recommend getting dentures. If you experience one of the following concerns, it could be time to have dentures fitted:

  • Severe toothaches leading to tooth decay
  • Gums are inflamed from tenderness and bleeding
  • Teeth become loose leading to bone loss
  • Difficulty eating and chewing causing stiffness and pain in the mouth
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The Four Reasons

When the bone stops stimulating, they begin to shrink which leads to tooth loss. You’d need to consider forking out for bone augmentation treatment. With the right set of dentures, your smile will look and feel incredibly natural.

Here are the reasons why Dentures are a great choice of treatment for your smile:

  1. Improved Quality Of Life – How do dentures improve the quality of your life? If you’ve suffered from tooth loss, the functioning of your mouth becomes limited. You can’t eat your favorite foods, and you can’t talk freely. Dentures make this a lot easier. Once the dentures are settled in along with mouth exercises, you should be to easily chew your favorite chewy foods and talk naturally.
  2. The Results Are Long-Term – Dentures can last for a long time if looked after properly. General care towards your dentures includes regular brushing and flossing with a soft-bristle brush, keeping debris away from your dentures, particularly after a heavy meal and maintaining a balanced diet by consuming healthy foods such as vegetables, soup and regular drinking water. Calcium ingredients are also very helpful to your teeth.
  3. Preserve Your Facial Structure – The appearance of your face depends on the state and strength of your bone. When you lose teeth, your bone structure deteriorates as well. Dentures help restore the shape of your face and preserve the facials structure you previously had with a full set of teeth.
  4. Eat The Foods You Enjoy – Teeth that are loose or lost limits the kind of foods you can eat. A key benefit of dentures is that you can start eating normally again without feeling any pain or loose feeling in your dentures. Find out more information about dental issues that could arise
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Living with dentures helps to alleviate any dental pain and self-consciousness of the way you smile. It will restore your natural appearance making you feel younger and confident.

If you’re considering fitted dentures for your teeth, seek assistance with our helpful, experienced dental team at Ashfield Family Dental. Contact us here now!

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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