Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

root canal treatment

A variety of misconceptions have formulated regarding root canal treatment. One of those misconceptions is that when one thinks of root canal treatment, it is believed that it causes pain and may even be considered dangerous for oral health.

This, along with other myths, were formed right back in the 1920s by a historical dentist through scientific research which indicated that root canal treatment contains toxins that can cause illness and oral health damage.

So, what is the truth? Is root canal treatment painful? Let’s first take a look at how root canal treatment works.

root canal treatment

What Is Root Canal?

A root canal is a form of preventative treatment designed to limit further decay to your teeth and preserve any healthy remains of it. This means that a decayed or infected tooth is only removed if it is beyond repair. It is also important to understand that a decayed or infected tooth will be removed with extraction treatment if the tooth is considered ‘dead’. Although, the dentist will always seek to save any remains of the tooth, and only extracted it as a last resort.

The endodontist drills into the centre of the tooth root first. Then the canal is cleaned and filled. This is to save the connective tissue and nerve endings from further infection. The tooth root is in danger of infection if a tooth is cracked. Once complete, the dentist will place a crown on the tooth to protect it from further damage.

Is Root Canal Treatment Painful?

It is important to understand this question for an experienced dental professional or practice. At Ashfield Family Dental, we have a high success and satisfactory rate when performing root canal treatments. Most patients have been satisfied with the outcome of root canal treatment, and below are the reasons why.

First off, is root canal treatment painful? The answer is no. In fact, the treatment is designed to limit any pain from the infected and decayed tooth. Local anaesthetic is applied before treatment is performed to limit any discomfort. Once the anaesthetic wears off, there is likely to be some discomfort after treatment, including when opening and closing your mouth. but this is completely natural, and the dentist will provide adequate guidelines to assist you with prompt recovery.

Does Root Canal Treatment Make You Ill?

Another misconception formed is that root canal treatment will make you ill. Again, this is incorrect. There is no evidence that suggests that a root canal can cause disease. It eliminates bacteria from the infected root canal and reduces the chances of reinfection. The success rate of a root canal is high and once the pain wears down, it restores natural mouth functioning to go with saving the tooth.

Root Canal treatment

Root canal has been very successful in dentistry and continues to be today. Tooth extraction treatment is only considered if the decayed tooth can no longer be used, or is considered ‘dead’ and needs extracting, but not necessarily a cracked tooth. If the dentist identifies that certain remains of the tooth can be saved, root canal treatment is the recommended professional choice of treatment. Aftercare is also vitally important for its success. Read here to learn about the foods we recommended you can eat during root canal aftercare.

If you’re seeking further support with a root canal and want to know more? We’re more than happy to help you at Ashfield Family Dental. Call us on (02) 9798 8839 now.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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