Root Canal Costs: Discover Your Options in Australia

Root Canal Costs

It is always hard to bear months of agitated and painful teeth; finally, people look for ways to treat them. Many consider tooth extraction the only option, but in reality, a root canal is the best possible treatment that repairs the inside of your tooth and gives it a new life. The only problem is that depending on the medical and financial factors, you may need clarification about the root canal cost.

Below, we will discuss the root canal cost, why this treatment is better, and its other associated costs. Let’s go.

Why is Root Canal Treatment Better Than Tooth Extraction?

The dentist always suggests a root canal treatment if there is a chance of saving the infected tooth. It protects the tooth, and good dental hygiene can last a lifetime without requiring further treatment. When you have the original tooth, the jawline stays firm, and you need a few visits to the dentist. The following reasons make a root canal a better option.

  • Root Canal Treatment isn’t Painful

There was a time when root canal was painful; therefore, many patients considered extraction a much better option. These days, we have powerful medication, superior instruments, and dental techniques, making surgery less invasive.

  • Tooth Extraction Can Leave Gaps

When a natural tooth is removed, gaps are left in your mouth. The holes can be unsightly in front of the jaw so the replacement can cost more. Inlay, cap, or crown on the remainder tooth looks much better, which is why we have a lower root canal cost.

  • Teeth May Move in Gaps

When there are gaps in teeth, they start moving, and it can allow infection to the gums. The overall strength and structure are retained when the natural tooth is kept in place. So, you will find smiling and eating to be more accessible.

What is the Cost of a Root Canal in Australia?

The root canal treatment costs $2,000 and goes above when you need a crown. It is worth mentioning that the cost of the treatment depends on the infected tooth and the severity of the problem. As molar teeth have more canals, the difficulty level is more significant.

The root canal cost also depends on whether you have to pay out-of-pocket or you have dental insurance. There is no doubt that dental plans can cover several endodontic treatments. Many people have anxiety over the root canal process, either because of the procedure or its associated costs. If the dentist is experienced and you have a good insurance plan, the prices remain low, and you have minimised appointments.

What Other Costs Can Be Associated with Root Canal?

  • X-Rays

In a root canal treatment, x-rays are required to determine whether a root canal is needed. Although not that costly, you still have to pay for the X-rays.

  • Anesthesia

Root canal procedures can be painful without anesthesia. With anesthesia, the affected area is numbed, thus ensuring that you don’t have it during the treatment. The insurance can substantially knock down the cost of anesthesia.

  • Medications

After finishing the root canal procedure, you may feel discomfort or pain. You will be required to use the pain relief medications in the following days.

Do You Need a Root Canal in Ashfield, NSW, Australia?

After learning about the root canal cost, you must wonder where to get the best treatment in Ashfield, NSW. If so, then our dentists in Ashfield have you covered. We offer dental services for patients of all ages, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a child or an adult; you will have top-quality patient care at low wat times.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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