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Dental Emergencies tend to occur when you least expect them. Therefore, it is important you stay prepared. The difficulty is that accidents can occur at any time even if you have fantastic oral health. Dental emergencies are not just related to the way you look after your teeth. You could fall over and chip your teeth, have an abnormal bite or bite on something solid that causes a crack. Not only are they painful, but they can be costly depending on the issue you experience. Regardless of whether you feel your teeth are squeaky clean and healthy or not, it is important you stay prepared for unpredictability.

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Following these five tips will help you avoid dental emergencies now and in the future:


  1. Maintain Regular Oral Care – As always emphasized, looking after your teeth and mouth is the essential factor. It is the best way to avoid any unnecessary dental emergencies. This means regular brushing and flossing to free the mouth from cavities. Contact your hygienist for an oral routine to stick with.
  2. Wear Dental Protection in Physical Activities – If you’re into your sports or just like keeping active, wearing mouthguards is a good recommendation. It eliminates any chances of chipping teeth if you fall over in an accident. Your teeth will be kept strong and healthy and reduce the chances of a dental emergency.
  3. Don’t Bite Unnecessarily – As children, habits are formed bite on objects such as a pencil or packaging. These increase your chances of forming a dental emergency. Your teeth can become sensitive and damage the roof of your teeth.
  4. Consider a Healthier Diet – Healthy food options help increase the strength of your teeth. This includes health proteins like nuts, dairy or vegetables. The benefit is that decay stays away. Eating sugary treats regularly increases the chances of erosion or enamel and sensitive teeth.
  5. Regular Visits to Your Hygienist – Your hygienist knows best. Regular check-ups are important so that the hygienist can evaluate the state of your teeth and perform routines to keep your teeth strong, clean and healthy. The consequences of not visiting your hygienist are that if you become careless and suffer from a dental emergency, it will cost a lot of money for multiple treatments.
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Pain and discomfort in the mouth are never easy to manage. There is also no magic wand to take away the pain. It is recommended that your lifestyle includes these tips so that your teeth are kept out of danger. This doesn’t mean simply mean regular brushing and flossing. Although this helps, it is not what is considered a full oral routine.

Dental emergencies can occur at any time when you least expect them. These tips do not mean that you’ll never experience an emergency, but these tips decrease the likelihood of an emergency occurring.

Here are some more helpful tips if you’re experiencing severe dental pain. Simply click here to read about how tooth extraction treatment may help you.

If you’re suffering from discomfort and need immediate assistance, contact us at Ashfield Dental now to book in an emergency appointment.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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