Transform Your Smile: The Power of Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Test by Dentist Ashfield

These days, numerous people in all parts of Australia look for different ways to brighten and whiten their smiles. Most struggle with tooth discolouration, making tooth whitening among the most sought-after trends in cosmetic dentistry. When you have a quick and straightforward procedure to whiten your teeth, your stained teeth have an improved appearance, and you will have a white and dazzling smile.

Let’s look at the causes of tooth discolouration, how teeth whitening works and what you need to know about the possible side effects of teeth whitening.

What are the Causes of Tooth Discolouration?

When the colour of our teeth changes, they don’t appear as white or bright as they should. The teeth may turn from their original white to different colours, and you will see dark or white spots developing. There could be several reasons for tooth discolouration, and it makes the stains on your teeth get in the way of your great smile.

The most common cause of tooth discolouration or staining includes smoking tobacco products and consuming different foods and drinks that can have staining agents, whereas ageing is another crucial factor. It is also worth mentioning for you that there are certain medications out there on the market which may contain tetracycline and can become a contributor to tooth discolouration.

What is Involved in the Teeth Whitening Process?

Suppose you are considering how teeth whitening works at the dentist’s office. In that case, the process is quite simple, as the dentist uses higher concentrations of some active ingredients to achieve quick, visible results. You must visit the dentist several times over months to get the most common form of teeth whitening.

When you have an initial consultation with the dentist, the dentist can assess your suitability for the teeth whitening process. The next step is taking the impression of the teeth and then applying bleaching gel and different products. Your dentist will also give you a timeframe for how long it can take to achieve your desired results.

As a patient, you need to remember that teeth whitening sessions can be a little expensive, and the insurance doesn’t cover them because they are never a part of the routine dental cleaning process. In power bleaching, the teeth are rinsed with hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes. Some sessions also involve laser therapy; this way, people can benefit from particular whitening.

Are there Side Effects of Teeth Whitening?

Temporary tooth sensitivity is among the most common side effects of teeth whitening. Also, one can have mouth and gum irritation, as the reaction can be caused by hydrogen peroxide. Usually, the gum tissue is protected in the treatment to reduce the side effect when the patient goes to the dentist’s office.

A person can feel tooth sensitivity when consuming a hot or cold drink or food. You can feel a sudden sharp pain in the tooth out of nowhere. It is worth mentioning that the sensitivity must be temporary. If you get your teeth whitened on a repeated basis, you can have permanent damage to the tooth enamel.

Teeth Whitening Professionals in Ashfield, NSW, Australia

There is no doubt that teeth whitening may refer to different processes aiming to make your natural teeth look whiter. To get a safe and effective tooth whitening treatment, you can contact Ashfield Family Dental. We have a highly trained team that will deliver you reliable, creative and top-quality dentistry for the best results so that you can enjoy a brighter and whiter smile.

In case of any questions about how teeth whitening works, you can book a consultation to discuss any other options in detail, and you can always contact our dentists in Ashfield.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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