Dental implants are dangerous – other dental implant myths busted

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Like with many other dentistry treatments, myths about dental implants have caused patients to become hesitant about the safety of the treatment, causing them to opt against the cosmetic procedure. This may make patients insecure and identify other methods to restore confidence in their smile.

We’re here to explain why this myth, along with others are fabricated. We bust the following five myths about dental implant treatment to help you change your perception of them.


The Five Busted Myths

  • Restores Natural Appearance – One of the benefits of an implant is that they are unnoticeable. This means when you smilDental Implants are Painful – There is no evidence to suggest that any patients have received dental implant treatment and complain about suffering from any pain. Dental implant procedures are pain-free and although you may experience natural discomfort after treatment, this only lasts for a day or two. The dentist ensures treatment is comfortable and easy to help you enjoy a restorative natural shine to your smile.
  • Dental Implants Causes Migraines And Headaches – The correlation between facial pain such as headaches and migraines with dental implant treatment is completely fabricated. The dental implant is infused into your jaw bone and bonded together to your gum. The only pain you should expect is temporary oral discomfort after treatment. This will release during the healing process.
  • Dental Implants Are Expensive – Whilst dental implants are not exactly cheap, they’re designed for you to wear for a lengthy period of time. An implant typically lasts between 10 and 15 years. This is dependent on your oral care routine. In the long-run, they are worth it because it restores and demonstrates a natural look. Nobody will be able to tell the difference between an implant and a natural tooth.
  • Dental Implants Become Loose Like Dentures – Whilst dentures and dental implants offer the same results, implants are a steep upgrade compared to dentures. Implants are impossible for the body to reject as it is made with a titanium screw. Dentures are clipped to neighbouring teeth to support and could fall out in time. Implants are stand-alone and strong enough to stand themselves.
  • Dental Implants Only Apply To A Healthy Mouth – It is no secret that patient oral health should be strong enough to withstand an implant. However, this doesn’t mean that patients who have poor oral health cannot have an implant fitted. The dentist will perform thorough examinations to determine the state of your teeth and may prescribe other treatments to ensure your bone density and gums are strong enough to withhold an implant if required. Do not be put off if your oral health is weak.e, they fit with your surrounding teeth so well it is difficult to determine which tooth area carries the implant. Smile like you would with a normal set of teeth.
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The dental implant myths above are simply that, myths. They’re fabricated without any substantial evidence to support them. Dental implants are usually for patients where a tooth is decayed or there is a missing gap. This is to ensure the bone strength doesn’t stop stimulating because gums have to be strong to withstand the screw and crown fitting.

If you’re seeking a natural solution to your smile? Are you considering dental implant treatment? Ignore the myths you hear and contact our helpful, experienced dental team at Ashfield Family Dental and learn how an implant will transform your smile for years to come.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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