How you should care for your implants – the ultimate implant aftercare guide

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Dental Implants Are Here To Stay And Are The Closest Thing To Restoring Your Natural Look. Learn Here About How To Care For Your Implant.

If you’ve just completed dental implant treatment, the next thing you need to do is look after it. Look after it in such a way that the results last forever. You could have an implant fitted for the following reasons:

  • The preservation of bone and gums
  • Fixing an abnormal bite
  • Better alignment and positioning of teeth
  • A missing gap within your teeth
  • Replace decayed or cracked teeth
  • Denture replacements
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If you’ve had an implant fitted for these reasons, then read on. This guide will illustrate aftercare instructions for your implant. You want your implant to last for many years. If you follow this guide, you can’t go far wrong.

Follow these five aftercare tips for your dental implant.

The Five Aftercare Tips

  • Keep Your Mouth Clean At All Times – Surrounding teeth and the implant must always be kept clean, especially after a heavy meal. Brush your teeth with a soft-bristle brush. Immediately after treatment, adjust your diet to soft foods and water. Any solid foods you do eat must be eaten on the opposite side of the implant whilst the implant settles.
  • Avoid Physical Activity and Take Adequate Rest – Pain heals faster if you take adequate rest. Avoid physical activity at all costs for the initial few days after treatment. You may experience soreness for the first few days, but prescribed painkillers will cure this. You may experience some swelling which can go down with a cold compress placed on the cheek. Once two or three days pass, you can continue your everyday activities with your implant firmly intact.
  • Care For Them Like Natural Teeth – Implants are built to restore naturality, and it is important that you look after them with this in mind. Once the pain eases and the implant settles, care for them just as you would with your natural teeth. Keep brushing and flossing, maintain a balanced diet and reduce consumption of unhealthy foods and products such as smoking and tobacco.
  • Take Medication To Ease Discomfort – If you experience some discomfort a few days after treatment, take anti-inflammatory medicines such as Ibuprofen to control it and ease the pain. The pain should ease, and the implant should become painless.
  • Keep Dentures Away After Treatment – If you’re a denture patient, avoid wearing them initially. Don’t use your dentures to the implanted area as this puts further pressure on the implant. Whilst it’s settling, this is a bad move and may make the implant unsteady. Seek further information from your dentist and when to and how to use your dentures.

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Final Views

You must be committed to your overall oral health for the best results. The good thing about dental implants is that they have no ill-effects to the way your mouth functions. Once it settles, you’ll be able to use your mouth like normal. Initially, keep visiting the dentist to make sure your implant is functioning correctly. Implants give you the best possible chance for a healthy, natural smile.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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