Do you need to prepare your child for their first dentist appointment? follow this helpful guide

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Your Child’s First Dentist Appointment Is Approaching, And You Need To Prepare Your Child In The Best Possible Way.

When a child is told that they will be visiting the dentist for their teeth, it is hard to for them to understand what that actually means. The immediate feeling is of fear, anxiety, and trepidation. Every child goes through it. Children need to be prepared in the best possible way. This is so they can attend their appointment with the dentist happy and relaxed. Looking after milk teeth should be treated exactly as adult teeth. Knowing the basic fundamentals of children dentistry is important to help their teeth grow healthy as they get older.

Care for your Kids Smile

What Should You Do If Your Child Suffers From A Dental Emergency?

Dental accidents can happen anywhere, especially if you’re a child. Understanding the basic remedies of milk teeth emergencies is important to help your child overcome them with the least amount of pain as possible. Be prepared just in case an immediate emergency appointment with the paedatric dentist is unavailable.

If Your Child Cracks Their Tooth

What To Do: Bacteria and infections can quickly form if not treated by a dentist. A temporary filling would be placed by the dentist to prevent any bacteria from forming. Immediately rinse the mouth with lukewarm water to help reduce any pain.

If Your Child’s Tooth Has Been Knocked Out

What To Do: Keep the tooth in a container at room temperature before your appointment. Keep away from any surfaces or food which may increase chances of bacteria or disease.

If Your Child Is Suffering From Tooth Ache

What To Do: Your child’s tooth could be decayed or they may have sensitive vessels. Use salt and lukewarm water mixed together or apply a cold compress against the extracted area. These are temporary pain relief solutions should you cannot get in touch with your dentist in an emergency.

Follow These Three Tips To Prepare Your Child For Their First Appointment

If your child’s appointment is fast approaching, follow these tips before the appointment to ensure your child is calm and relaxed.

  • Notify Your Child Of Their Appointment Early – It is recommended that you let your child know of their appointment early. Children need time to adapt to certain situations and new things. Children tend to be fearful of anything new that’s not natural to them. Therefore, will need time to ease their own fears.
  • Tell Them Why Dentist Visits Are Important – As the parent, you must educate your child on why visiting the dentist is important and the benefits they will gain. Use language in which children can understand. Keep it simple so they are aware that a healthy smile delivers many positives.
  • Tell Your Dentist How Your Child Feels – If your child is scared and you’re finding it difficult to calm their anxiety, the dentist needs to prepare for the appointment too. The dentist ensures the surroundings for the appointment is fun and relaxing to help them acclimatize quickly.
Happy Mom Daughter after Dental Checkup

If your child is suffering from oral pain, you need to know what to do next. Click here to read our article on what to do if your child needs emergency dental care.

Final Views

Preparing your child for their dentist appointment is not easy and will our helpful dentists at Ashfield Family Dental are at hand to help in any way possible. These tips above will prepare you for any emergencies and appointments. You should also make their brushing experience fun at home. Maybe use dental games and charts to track progress so that they can receive a treat at the end of it. Keep any dental related activity fun and happy for the child.

If you’re concerned about the state of your teeth that’s preventing you from smiling, Ashfield Family Dental is on hand to transform your life. Contact us now for a check-up appointment!

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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