Pros and Cons of Dentures


Dentures are a form of prosthetic that’s constructed to replace missing natural teeth. There may be full and partial dentures to replace single or multiple upper and lower teeth. Dentures have been incredibly popular choice of treatment, particularly for teeth that are missing. Whilst they offer many positive, they also come with its own concerns.

Patients have regularly experienced problems with dentures which has affected overall quality of life. These are quite common with dentures. Although there some pros to wearing them, there are also some cons.


Let’s explore these in further details and learn about the pros and cons of dentures.

Pros Of Dentures

  1. Dentures Look Natural – One thing that you don’t need to worry about with dentures is how they look. When smiling with fitted dentures, your full set of teeth look completely natural. No one will be able to tell that you’re wearing them. When you smile with them, the public won’t be able to tell the difference.
  2. They Are Easy To Maintain – Taking care of dentures is actually surprisingly easy. At night before going to sleep, they need to be taken out. They’re simple to remove and only need to be placed in a glass of cold water. You may add a mild cleaning solution such as Polident that keeps them fresh and clean.
  3. Dentures Help You Look Young – Dentures help to stimulate bone structure to the rest of the face, keeping teeth strong and uplifting the cheek and the chin to give you a more youthful-looking appearance.

When smiling with fitted dentures, they’re aesthetically pleasing leaving you to smile with confidence.

Cons Of Dentures

  1. Dentures Are Not Permanent – Even when wearing dentures all the time, it unfortunately does come with fitting issues. Dentures may become loose in time. This may be because they’re not fitted properly, or your facial structure has evolved where dentures don’t fit anymore. A dentist appointment will be necessary to adjust them or be replaced by the dentist.
  2. Speech And Eating Problems – When fitted dentures become loose, this reduces speech sharpness and makes it difficult to chew down on food. Chewing with dentures is different to normal chewing and the dentist will recommend a new way of chewing.
  3. Dentures Required Several Appointments – Fitted dentures won’t feel natural straightaway and they will take some time adjust in your mouth. If difficulties lie in adjusting, the dentist will need to be contacted. Dentures typically need adjusting regularly. Therefore, they require multiple appointments throughout the year.


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Final Advice…

For a long-time, fitted dentures were a popular choice of treatment for missing teeth. Today, there are a lot more alternatives that may deliver better results. If you’re considering fitted dentures, it is important that you’re aware about what fitted dentures entail. Whilst they’re not the most expensive form of treatment, they do carry ongoing expenses. Dentures will adjust in time, but once they’re fitted, you can show off your beaming smile with confidence. The decision rests with the state of your oral health and general needs. Dentures are a worthwhile and affordable option if on a budget.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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