The Ultimate Guide to Invisalign: Cost and Benefits

The Ultimate Guide to Invisalign: Cost and Benefits

We all want to have a million-dollar smile, but it can be disheartening to know that sometimes we must dish out a hefty sum. Sometimes, orthodontic treatment becomes necessary to improve our tooth alignment, bite and jaw position. There were braces in the past with brackets and wires, but now there are many alternatives, and Invisalign is among them.

Invisalign is famous for its undetectable orthodontia and is as effective as regular braces. Let’s look closer to know how much Invisalign is, how it works, and which dental problems it fixes.

How Does Invisalign Really Function?

Invisalign functions simply, as it works by applying force and pressure, thus shifting the teeth into their correct position. There are aligner trays, and to make them work more effectively, some patients need bone-coloured attachments bonding the teeth. The following are a few steps of Invisalign treatment.

  • The treatment begins with an initial consultation where the dentist takes x-rays to evaluate the patient’s oral health and then determines the eligibility.
  • After complete evaluation and approval, the dentist starts working on your treatment plan by taking an impression of your bite and then making an order for the set of aligners.
  • The upgradation of the aligners depends on the doctor’s discretion, and on average, it can take between 12 to 18 months for complete treatment.
  • The patient must wear the aligner at least 22 hours daily to get the best results.
  • These days, it has become quite common for many patients to request teeth whitening during Invisalign treatment. For this purpose, the doctor offers a low-intensity whitening gel that they can apply to the aligners at night. In addition to that, patients can also purchase effective over-the-counter products from different teeth whitening companies available in the market in good numbers.

How Much is Invisalign in Australia?

If you are wondering how much Invisalign is, it all depends on the complexity of your case and the dental practice. However, remember that you must pay around $4,500 for primary treatment and around $9,000 for a complete cure. It is worth mentioning that several other factors can impact the Invisalign treatment plan cost from the beginning until the end.

As a patient, you may also be required to pay for further consultations, like supplementary treatments and x-rays, which can also impact the treatment cost. Besides this, the other main factors are the number of aligners and the adjustment you may require. Yet, if you want to straighten the smile without anyone else noticing, then Invisalign is the right way for you.

Which Orthodontic Treatment is Fixed by Invisalign?

There is no doubt that clear aligners, including Invisalign, are ideal for fixing misalignment, underbite, crowding, deep overbite and many other malocclusions. Like most teeth alignment treatment options, the Invisalign clear aligners work similarly to the braces moving the teeth.

The best thing about Invisalign is that it replaces the difficulty of wires and brackets, resulting in unnoticeable dental care. For some patients, this feels better. The shorter Invisalign treatment time is another main advantage, as it takes an average of two years to complete. Invisalign is not only effective for gaps in teeth, crowded teeth and shifting of teeth, but it is also helpful with easy cleanings, healthier gums, improved chewing, and improved speech.

Affordable Invisalign and a Healthy Smile in Ashfield, NSW, Australia

All orthodontic specialists or dentists do not use Invisalign. Ashfield Family Dental has trained dentists who prescribe the aligners to their patients. If you are worried about how much Invisalign is, we offer you the best options to make your treatment affordable.

If you want to learn more about Invisalign, call us today!

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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