Why Should I Regularly Visit The Dentist?

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If you regularly brush and floss your teeth every day, you’re probably wondering what the need is to visit a dentist. Although, brushing and flossing is only one step of many when it comes to maintaining your oral health with proper hygiene.

The dentist is well versed in understanding what it takes to preserve the health of your teeth. If you are always skipping a dental check-up due to costings or dental anxiety, then you’re taking unknown risks to oral health. Regular dental check-ups will save you money in the long-run compared to more extensive treatments that are expensive. Dentists are also well-versed in keep your anxiety levels low with sedation dentistry.


Ultimately, your oral health shouldn’t be neglected. Here are some of the benefits of regularly visiting the dentist.

Clear Up Plaque and Tartar

There are always stubborn areas in the mouth that your soft-bristle toothbrush cannot reach. Bacteria stems from plaque and tartar build-up which can leave you with cavities, decay and discolouration. Dental cleanings prevent this from happening with a scale and polish procedure. It is important that these concerns are captured early as the impact on your teeth can become severe. Plus, scale and polish treatments are cost-affordable. Read here to learn more about why plaque build-up is dangerous to your teeth.

Oral Cancer Signs

Oral cancer is an extremely serious disease that can manifest into your bloodstream and become life-threatening. When caught early, it is easily treatable. Although, you can avoid this from ever occurring with regular dental check-ups. The dentist is also the only person who can detect oral cancer signs. The examination involves catching signs of dead tissue with a special shining light through the mouth. There is no pain or any side effects but can save your oral health!

Halts Your Oral Habits

There are many oral health habits that people adopt without understanding the impact it may have on teeth. Habits such as using your teeth to open packaging, biting on a hard object or grinding your teeth together. When you go for a dental check-up, the dentist will most likely ask about your habits and tell you the impact they have on your teeth. Keeping informed about these habits will likely deter you from performing them again.

Chips And Cracks In Teeth

Chips and cracks and teeth are signs of a bad smile and worn out teeth. They’re most likely to have been formed through a physical accident, trauma or teeth grinding. Visiting the dentist will allow the dentist to advise on cosmetic treatments that can remove these concerns and restore confidence in your smile. Cosmetic treatments such as dental veneers or dental bonding are great cosmetic solutions to resolve these concerns.

Get Hollywood Dental Smile

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Final Advice…

Dentists are not only concerned with the state of your teeth, but they’re also checking to ensure your overall oral health including gums, bone stimulation and jaw strength are all intact as they act as the foundation for strong teeth. Skipping your checkups is not ideal because oral issues can develop quickly. Therefore, if you need a dental check-up, contact us at Ashfield Family Dental and we’d gladly restore the confidence in your smile today.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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