Are dental implants safe?

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A Dental Implant is a natural treatment choice to replace missing teeth and to restore a natural smile. Implants have progressed as a popular treatment due to advanced dental technology. Whilst dental implants have proven to be incredibly successful, there are still concerns amongst patients about how safe it is.

Until dental technology expanded, patients were given the option of either dentures or bridges to resolve missing gaps in teeth. Implants are considered natural, aesthetically-pleasing and a secure treatment choice to many.

So, are they safe? Consider some of these pros and cons and decide whether dental implants are right and safe for you.

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Restores Natural Appearance – One of the benefits of an implant is that they are unnoticeable. This means when you smile, they fit with your surrounding teeth so well it is difficult to determine which tooth area carries the implant. Smile like you would with a normal set of teeth.

Maintains Bone Stimulation and Density – When the bone stops stimulating, it becomes weaker causing teeth to fall out and appearance to degrade. The core of your mouth softens slowly. With implants, they are infused into the jawbone to maintain that density and stimulation to keep your implant strong without support.

Longevity – Implants simply need to be looked after with good oral hygiene habits. If you do this, the implant will return shiny and healthy results.


Implants Aren’t Cheap – The success rate of dental implants comes at a cost. Due to the level of effort required to produce the perfect implant, and the results they’re expected to deliver, it is one of the more expensive forms of treatment. Implants may be accepted in a variety of insurance plans but won’t cover the full cost.

Multiple Appointments – Implants are not a quick fix. They’re spread across multiple appointments because the implant needs to be moulded and shaded to match your natural teeth, before being sculpted in the laboratory. They can take a long time to acclimate itself to the jawbone as well. Therefore, it is important to look after them initially with extra care.

Oral Health Dependent – If oral health isn’t strong enough to withstand an implant, there are other options. You can choose another appropriate form of treatment or go through extensive treatment to prepare the mouth for an implant. The oral surgeon is best placed to answer this.

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You may have heard some misconceptions about dental implants. Read here to learn the truth.

If you have a missing gap in your teeth, the dentist will first go through an examination of your teeth to determine the state and health of it. The benefits always outweigh the cost, providing the implant is looked after. Implants are a long-term solution, but how long depends on how the implant is managed.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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