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Do you feel anxious at the thought of visiting the dentist? Does the thought of the dentist stop you from getting the treatment that your teeth and smile deserve? You’re not alone. Everyone has felt nervous at some point in their lives when visiting the dentist. It is a common phobia and luckily, modern technology has allowed dentists to use safe sedation therapy to calm your anxiety and nerves. Dental practices are now more prepared than ever to ensure you get the healthy smile you deserve and to keep you relaxed and comfortable during your appointment.

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What Is Sedation Dentistry And How Does It Work?

Sedation therapy is a popular solution choice for many patients who struggle to contain anxiety. Sedation therapy is a technique that relaxes patients with a procedure to keep you consciously relaxed. There are a variety of sedation treatments available. Consult your local dentist for the types of sedation treatment that fits your needs.

There are no instructions that you need to carry out during treatment. What may be requested by your local dentist is to avoid food and drink for a minimum of 3 hours before treatment, so it does not interfere with the medication. Here are other reasons apart from anxiety why sedation treatment may be appropriate:

  • Experiencing phobias during treatment
  • Having psychological flashbacks of potential negative experiences at the dentist
  • Trauma or stress
  • Oral nerve sensitivity
  • Resistant to local anaesthesia

If you suffer from any of the above, consult your local dentist before treatment.

The Benefits You Can Enjoy

Sedation therapy has proven to make a big difference to your experience, not to mention improvements to your oral health. Here are some other benefits you can enjoy with sedation treatment:

  • Comfort and Rest – Sedation helps you feel rested and comfortable while the local dentist works on your teeth. Whilst it’s not meant to put you to sleep, you may experience light-headedness from time to time.

Read here on how you can benefit from better comfort and rest with an appointment with a hygienist.

  • Fewer Appointments – If you have a number of niggling dental concerns, sedation therapy ensures that the dentist is able to work on your teeth efficiently. The more time spent at the dentist, the lower the number of appointments that you’ll need. Dentists aim to prevent gum disease and other issues with consistent dental care and implementing positive habits at home.
  • Easy And Efficient Treatment – When you’re restless during your appointment, this makes it difficult for the dentist to work on your teeth as quickly you want. Sedation keeps you relaxed and reduces your stress and the dentist can transform your teeth to give you the smile you deserve.
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What We Think…

If you’re reading this feeling anxious and nervous with the thought of visiting the dentist, worry no more. Sedation is safe, secure and will transform your feelings towards the dentist. So much that you may even look forward to visiting the dentist! Ultimately, your teeth will become healthy and shiny.

If you’re experiencing nerves and anxiety, yet need to visit the dentist, seek assistance with our helpful, experienced dental team at Ashfield Family Dental. Contact us here now.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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