The Signs Of A Healthy Smile

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Do you like the look and feel of your smile when you wake up every morning? It is a sure sign that your oral health is in good shape. A simple, straightforward healthy smile can go a long way in transforming the quality of your life overall.

There are many benefits to a healthy smile every day. Not only does it demonstrate smiling confidence, but demonstrates positive wellbeing overall.

Modern cosmetic dentistry today makes it easier to adopt the look and feel of a smile you’ve always wanted. Teeth whitening, composite bonding and Invisalign are just a few cosmetic treatments that can transform your aesthetic appearance.

Believe it or not, this may actually introduce more questions about whether your oral health is strong enough to keep your smile.

Why? It’s mainly because there are many in-office and drug store treatments that can instantly transform the appearance you’ve been waiting for.

Does this necessarily mean that your oral health is naturally in good shape? Well, the five signs we’ve outlined below will indicate whether you have a healthy smile.

check up at the dentist#Sign 1 – Strong Enamel

Your enamel constantly needs remineralizing to stay strong. This means feeding it the right nutrients and minerals to protect your teeth and smile. Tooth enamel is located on the outer surface of your front teeth which serves to protect your teeth and smile from tooth decay and cavities. It is even stronger than bone. If your smile shade is naturally white, you experience no sensitivity and you have a balanced diet comprising of calcium and phosphate, then the signs are your enamel is strong. Calcium is important for many reasons, especially for your enamel.

#Sign 2 – Healthy Gums

Healthy should be pink, firm and somewhat smooth. The signs of weak gums are excess bleeding, swelling and recession surrounding the tooth root. When brushing, direct your toothbrush towards your gums at a 45 degrees angle, and always ensure there is no food debris stuck in and around the teeth. These are the other signs of healthy gums:

  • No inflammation or swelling
  • No bleeding when brushing
  • Natural and strong bite
  • Solid pink texture and colour

#Sign 3 – Fresh Breath

Bad breath can be a sign of halitosis. Halitosis is a chronic condition that remains for an extended amount of time and can become serious. Bacteria build-up is a key sign of regular bad odour in the mouth. This is enough to hide your smile. If your oral routine consists of brushing, flossing, tongue scraping, mouthwash and the avoidance of smoking and alcohol, your breath will stay fresh for longer.

Patient with a strong smile#Sign 4 – Aligned Bite

Your biting point needs to be aligned properly within your upper and lower teeth to ensure the proper functioning of your mouth such as chewing, biting and speaking. A misaligned bite can introduce the risk of gum disease, tooth decay and wear-and-tear. It is formerly known as malocclusion and can cause facial stiffness and regularly earache. Invisalign can help to resolve a misaligned bite. Click here to learn how.

To Conclude…

Read these signs. What does your oral health tell you? A shiny smile can be fixed instantly, but what is important is the underlying signs that attribute to a strong mouth overall. If you’re unsure how to determine these signs, simply contact your dentist and check yourself in for a check-up and clean appointment. The dentist can communicate these signs with you to give you your answer.

If you’re concerned about your oral health, contact us at Ashfield Family Dental for an appointment with one of our helpful dentists, who would be delighted to assist you. Book an appointment with us now!





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by Dr Johnson Tang

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