What To Do If Your Bonding Falls Off


Cosmetic bonding is a simpler form of cosmetic treatment. This is especially if patients who have chipped, cracked or discoloured teeth, where dental bonding can protect your smile from these niggling concerns so those pearly whites can last longer.

Cosmetic bonding treatment consists of a tooth-colored composite resin being bonded to one or more of your teeth to protect a gap or prevent further damage. It is one of the more affordable treatments. However, have you ever experienced the bonding falling off? Does this damage your confidence to smile? Before we look at how to resolve your bonding issues, let’s take a look at the reasons why your cosmetic bonding keeps falling off.

The bonded tooth may fall off if:

  • It becomes loose if you eat solids or chewy snacks
  • Its adhesive material was not thoroughly applied during treatment
  • You eat foods that contain acidic ingredient as these damage bonding over time
  • You pick on the bonding due to feeling sensitivity


Steps To Protect Your Oral Health

Eventually after catching the bonding more than once, when it becomes loose it will eventually fall out of place, meaning a dental appointment will be required. In the meantime, follow these precautions before your appointment.

  1. Keep The Affected Area Clean – The area of the tooth and the tooth itself should be kept clean at all times. Brush and floss regularly and rinse your mouth after eating a meal. Keeping the area clean ensures that bacteria doesn’t begin to build inside the mouth. Read here to learn the tips for strong oral health.
  2. Maintain The Bonding In Its Place – The dental bonding should not be pulled off. Even if its loose, keep the bonding in its place so the dentist can examine it during the appointment. You may experience sensitivity in the area from time to time.
  3. Apply A Cold Compress – Immediately after experiencing your dental bonding becoming loose, you may experience a degree of swelling. Apply a cold compress for 10 minutes at a time throughout the day until the swelling begins to wear down. The dentist will numb the area to avoid discomfort during your appointment.


Is your tooth chipped? Read here on the best cosmetic treatments for chipped teeth

The dentist will discuss the relevant options with you to repair the bonding. Either the dentist can rebuild the old bonding material with new composite resin to match the shade of your current teeth, or the dentist will recommend applying a dental crown. A crown will add extra protection to the bonding, so you experience no further damage.

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by Dr Johnson Tang

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